I became a Blogger over 10 years ago. Ieka Ahmad is the rebrand of my previous blog – Katahatieka.

Since primary school, I've always enjoyed writing short stories. One day, whilst surfing the internet, I discovered the world of blogging and fell in love with it instantly. On my 16th birthday, I decided to create a blog of my own — and that  was when Katahatieka was born!

Blogging brings the fun and excitement into my life. When I created my first blog, I never thought that someday I would be reaching thousands of followers. From there, my life has changed 360 degrees. I made new friends, met so many inspiring people and had done numerous collaborations with the local and international brands.

My readers are my treasure. Most of them have been following me since high school until today. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Thank you for all the supports and du’as. Lastly, I hope to continuously write inspiring stories for others to readUntil then, enjoy!

Peace and Love,

Ieka Ahmad