Top 5 Favourite Hijab Brands

Good morning from Kuala Lumpur, everyone. The weather seems lovely this morning and it lightens up my mood to write this post. Today I have decided to share with you my Top 5 Favourite Hijab Brands from Malaysia and Indonesia. If you are a new hijabi, firstly, congratulations sister! May Allah strengthen your heart and keep you istiqamah. Allahumma amin. I hope this post will help you to get to know some of the hijab brands that I think continuously producing high quality scarves and are worth buying. I will also rate them in terms of affordability so that it will help you decide which brands to try first.

Before I start with the list, it is important for me to point this out that wearing a hijab is an obligation for us as a Muslimah. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that we have to splurge on expensive scarves only. If you have the means, then that will not be a problem. But otherwise, let us keep in mind that what important is the head covering, not the brand we wear.

Here are the top 5 of my favourite hijab brands that I have chosen based on my experience after trying them and what I think about them.

5. Ameera Zaini (@ameerazainiofficial)

I have to compliment Ameera Zaini and her team cause I have seen a tremendous improvement on her brand. I bought my first scarf from Ameera Zaini when she first started the brand. As time goes by, I can see so much has changed in a positive way. Her designs have evolved and the quality has upscaled. You can see her bringing more exclusivity to the brand, and I also love the choices of colour she puts in the market. In terms of the price, for me it is not too expensive but at the same time not too cheap. Definitely something you can buy once a month the least, or buy for special occasions such as Eid.

To rate the affordability, I would give this brand a 9 of 10.

4. Duck (@theduckgroup)

This will definitely shock you especially if you are someone close to me. Few years back, I was a die hard Duckie. A fanatic. I would splurge a lot on the Duck scarves. Until recent years, my interest in Duck is waning. I will only buy the scarves if I find the design attractive and the material has to be satin silk. I put Duck at number 4 on the list because I still love the exclusivity that this brand gives. The price can be ridiculous at times but unless if the design is interesting, I won't splurge a lot on this brand. Sometimes we have to spend smart, ladies.

To rate the affordability, I would give this brand a 7 of 10.

3. Buttonscarves (@buttonscarves)

My taste had definitely shifted after I saw this brand. Buttonscarves is actually an Indonesian brand. They have wide range of products including telekung, shoes and bags. I love how versatile this brand is. For the scarves, you can choose two types of material for your preferred design, cotton voile or satin silk. The designs and colours are just superb. The best thing is you can shop Buttonscarves at their physical store in Avenue K.

To rate the affordability, I would give this brand a 9 of 10.

2. Minaz (

I can say that almost every year since 2015, I always donned a piece from Minaz during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This is definitely my favourite brand, ladies. I love how elegant and exclusive the designs are. Every time Ramadhan comes, I cannot not buy their Blooming Raya Collection. I tried to change to different brands but they always win. Always. As a Malaysian, I am very proud of this brand. The best thing about Minaz is the scarf is so affordable. The price range is around RM29 to RM49. I think they just started releasing their printed hijab a few years ago if I'm not mistaken.

And for that, I would give this brand a 10 of 10 for the price affordability and the exclusive design.

1. Allura Design (@alluradesign)

Allura has to be on the top of my list because I love the design, the colour, the quality, almost all of it is perfect. It really matches my personality. The only thing is, in terms of accessibility, it is hard to get this scarf because this is an Indonesian brand. They used to be listed on FashionValet website years ago but sadly not anymore. I have the most scarves from this brand after Duck.

To rate the affordability, I would give this brand an 8 of 10.

Dress from Minaz

There you have it. Before I forget, I wear square scarf daily. So not to worry ladies, almost all of the scarves from these brands are easily shaped. If you are specifically looking for shawls, I will share with you in my next post the Top 5 Affordable Brands for Shawl.

Lastly, thank you for staying and I hope you like this post. See you next time inshaAllah.

Ieka Ahmad