We Moved In

Took me forever to finish this post but alhamdulillah it's done. This post has been in my draft folder since November haha. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it.

My husband and I finally moved in to our new house alhamdulillah. We've received so many questions about our home interior concept as well as our kitchen cabinets. I would love to share my answers, thoughts and experience here but I know that these days people don't really like to read long blog post, so for that I decided to break this topic into several subtopics. If you have any related questions, feel free to direct message me on Instagram. Otherwise, you can continue read and subscribe to my blog too hehe.

(Photo) This was us on our way to collect the house keys

We actually took the house keys on October 2019 but the renovation only started somewhere around August 2020. It was supposed to start early this year but because of the covid issue and the MCO, we had to delay it. I was very quiet about the house updates because I wanted the moments to be special for the both of us.

The renovation process took about 2 months time. I think we are lucky enough to get the whole thing completed that fast. Tips from us is make sure you monitor the renovation process from time to time. We were at the site almost every day, no kidding. Our contractors handed over the keys just a day before the CMCO took place. We had some minor issues towards the end of the completion. Nothing serious, it was mainly about the timing and trying to get things done before any possible CMCO announcement by the government. Gosh, you could really feel the tension between both parties at that time. Everyone was so stressed and my husband and I almost lost our cool there haha. But alhamdulillah they managed to finish the whole renovation slightly on time.

We haven't hosted any house warming parties yet. Due to health and safety reasons, we decided to delay it. I also received a number of house tour requests but unfortunately I won't be doing any since the house is still not fully furnished. However, I decided to keep my deco enthusiast followers updated on another Instagram called @our.homeinspo! The account is private of course so feel free to follow.

If you would like to read more about our home updates, here are some of the subtopics that I decided to write soon inshaAllah.

  • The Idea and Concept
  • Curtains and Rugs Updates
  • Home Furniture Updates
  • Home Decor Updates

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