Shopping Haul & Moving In Tips

I really miss blogging. This may sound funny but to me blogging is very therapeutic. Anyway, I came home today with a parcel from Sephora and I was excited to unbox it. I bought the Jo Malone's candle recently for our home and the smell of English Pear and Freesia is so damn good.

If you don't know me, I'm a big fan of candles and perfumes. I love good smells! Since the CMCO in my area is over now, I'm planning to visit the nearest Jo Malone store and buy more of their candles. By the way, I know I haven't posted anything about moving in to our new home, I'm yet to finish it. InshaAllah I'll try.

(Photo) Gold Tray is from QT Studio

Apart from that, I also bought new cooking appliances for the kitchen. My husband and I went to the Le Creuset shop a few weeks ago. Honestly, I cannot believe that I can be so obsessed with home appliances especially after moving in to our new place!

Before I was married, I bought a number of kitchen appliances because I just wanted to be ready, but seriously, the feeling of buying those appliances was completely different then. When I was younger, I saw my mum and her friends would be obsessing over kitchenware. I thought they were just over reacting but look at me now lol. I was even more excited when my Norwex arrived.

It feels great to decorate your home. However, there are a few things I've learned from my experience that I think will benefit others if I share it here.

Before moving in to your new house, make sure you buy the essential stuff such as a rice cooker, dinnerware, cooking utensils, to name a few because you will definitely use these as soon as you move in. In my case, I bought a tea set years ago before I was married to my husband. I am an organised person so I would like to be ahead of time. So when I bought the tea set, I had no idea that I was going to marry someone who lives miles away from my hometown. And since it's covid, I can't fly back to my hometown in Sabah to bring all the kitchen stuff I bought.

(Photo) Emerald Tea Set from Wani Home Decor

The good thing about living in this era is that although we have to stay at home, we still can do online shopping. I love online shopping except I find it very challenging when it comes to home furniture. Our home renovation was completed a day before the recent CMCO started. So we had to delay the furniture hunting. If you are doing online shopping for furnitures, make sure you check the measurement first. I'm suck at this but luckily I have a husband who can do the measuring thing for me hehe.

So that's the last one from me! I hope you can benefit something from this post. I'll make sure I finish our moving in post soon inshaAllah. 

Take care and stay safe everyone!