Home Ideas & Concept

I'm pretty sure this post will be everyone's favourite cause I've been receiving a lot of home related questions after I posted photos and videos of our new home on Instagram, and today I'll be sharing some of the answers here. So let me walk you through the process of finding the ideas and concept of our home. Keep reading and, as usual, make sure to subscribe to my blog.

Finding the right concept was the hardest part of the pre-renovation process. Our house has a big open area that connects the living room, the dining room and the kitchen all together. Yes which means when you enter the house, you can see all these areas without any partition to separate them. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in my previous post but our house isn't really that big, so, building a partition to separate these spaces was not really a good idea for me.

One of the things I've done before choosing the concept was I listed the things that I like and dislike about a home, and I also studied the spaces inside the house. As I mentioned earlier, the spaces inside our home are very limited so what I did was I came up with the diamond mirror idea at our dining area to create an illusion of a big and spacious home.

My goal was to make the house look spacious. So one of the important elements to achieve this goal is colour selection. Choosing the right colour for your house will determine how the rest of your home will look like. We initially planned to paint every wall white but our contractor shared us a very helpful advice so we decided to stick with the original colour of the wall. It was the best decision we've made!

Once you have studied the spaces and you know what colours you want for your home, the next thing to do is finding a theme for the house. To give you an example, after studying the spaces of our home, I knew if I choose dark colours for the wall, it will make our interior looks smaller. And that would go against my goal. So what I did was, I skipped looking at the dark colour palette and I spent most of my time deciding from the lighter colour palette. The good thing about doing this is you can save so much time from browsing and it can help you narrow down the options for your home theme.

For us, we decided to go for white, gold, beige and light grey. So from here, we searched for the theme on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest helped us a lot. Thank God. If you don't have Pinterest on your phone, go to your app store and download it now.

For our kitchen area, it didn't take us long to find the concept cause I already knew what I wanted for the kitchen. However, we did have some trouble choosing the colour for our kitchen cabinets. We were about to go with bold colours at the beginning. But seeing the small space we have for our kitchen, I told my husband that it's best to go with a lighter tone. It took us months to finally decide the colour of our kitchen cabinets. And I convinced him to go with white cause I've always loved traditional (english) kitchen style with a modern touch.

We also bought chandeliers for our dining area and our family area upstairs. I don't have the pictures here with me now but you can check out @our.homeinspo to see more photos of our home interior. In case if you're wondering where we bought the chandeliers, we bought them at Puchong. They have a lot of options there and most of them are less pricey compared to other places in KL.

(Photo) This is an image of an area inside our home before the renovation started

We hired an interior designer to help us put all of the ideas we had into one piece. So she did all the rendering job for us. If you have an extra budget, hiring an interior designer will be very helpful. But if your budget is limited, you can also do a mood board.

That's the last one from me. If you have any questions, you can contact me here. Hope you benefit something from this post. Take care everyone and stay safe!