From Bali With Love

I never understood people's obsession with Bali until I went there last year with my husband. The view was mesmerising subhanallah. It was definitely one of the best places I visited. Honestly, this trip was my husband's idea. He managed to surprise me when we arrived at the Fourteen Roses Hotel and my reaction was priceless! Haha.

(Photo) I was very surprised to see this

I never pictured my husband as a romantic kind of guy cause we rarely hold hands in public, so when I saw this I was very surprised that he even thought about doing this on our first anniversary. The story goes like this. He let me walked ahead of him without giving me a hint of what was going to happen and I had no idea at all too. As we were about to reach our room, he took out his phone and started recording a video. My husband likes to record videos from our travels so I thought he was just being himself.

When I entered the room I was speechless! Roses everywhere in the room. I turned to him and he was smiling while recording my reaction. Gosh I couldn't believe what I saw and I just laughed the whole time. It was very romantic! I loved it so much. I think I couldn't stop laughing for a while at that time haha.

We went to Kintamani Mountain View on our first day in Bali. Then we headed to Celuk Swing and Luwak Coffee where I had to challenge myself to get on that swing. They said the view was breathtaking but I couldn't tell cause I closed my eyes the entire time lol. It was scary cause I gained a lot of weights and the last thing I wanted was to sit on that swing but alhamdulillah I came out alive.

(Photo) This was one of the best photos I took in Bali

We also visited GWK Cultural Park at Denpasar Bali, then we headed to Pantai Pandawa and Uluwatu Bali. We even watched The Barong and Keris Dance. The next day we went to La Plancha Bali and enjoyed watching the sunset there.

On our anniversary night, we had a dinner by the beach and it was really romantic. There were a group of musicians playing us romantic songs and we took a lot of photos and videos too. It was a meaningful night, more than I could ever imagine, and I'll always remember that day.

You can go to my Instagram highlight to see our videos from this trip.