The Surprise Bridal Shower

It was 6.00 pm when I was gazing at the dashboard clock. I promised my friends to meet them at The Starling on Wednesday after 6.30 pm but it was impossible for me to make it on time. The traffic around Jalan Ampang was quite heavy. My future husband, mother in law and I were on our way to KLCC. We spent the whole day driving from one mall to another to find suitable wedding rings.

An hour later, we were still in KLCC. It felt even more impossible to go to Damansara as the traffic was getting worse. I almost cancelled the plan but Shazea insisted that I come. Thankfully, my future husband was being so kind to reschedule his appointment with his client so that he could accompany me to The Starling. From KLCC, we took LRT to Pasar Seni and then we took MRT to TTDI. I had so much fun taking public transport with him because – believe it or not – after 10 years of knowing each other, never once we took public transportion in KL together. So, it was great to do something new with him.

We arrived at the mall 15 minutes past 9. I felt really guilty arriving two hours late! As we approached Two Sons Bistro, I saw my friends with a few balloons placed at the corner of the table they were sitting. I didn’t recognise them at first because it looked like a group of friends celebrating one of their group member’s birthday. As we were slowly approaching the table, I saw a slice of brownie on the table with a message ‘Bride To Be’ written with chocolate sauce, and a tiara too. Then it instantly clicked in my head that my friends were actually planning on surprising me with a bridal shower! I was very surprised and thought no wonder Shazea insisted me to come!

Overall, I was very happy that night. Although we couldn’t hangout long but we had so much fun laughing and taking tons of pictures. I’m very grateful to have wonderful friends like them. May Allah bless this 7-year friendship and bring us more happiness in the present and future! Allahumma ameen. Thank you guys for throwing me a bridal shower. I love you all to the moon and back!