Dip n Dip-ed

After finished writing The Surprise Bridal Shower post, I realised I should’ve added the ‘Dip n Dip’ part too but it’s too late. So I decided to write another post about my first time having desserts at Dip n Dip.

What’s so special about Dip n Dip?

If you haven’t been to Sabah, then you should know that we don’t have Dip n Dip here. Imagine seeing people posting pictures, insta stories and videos of them enjoying Dip n Dip while you can only enjoy viewing them eating it on social media. Oh, God. I felt suffocated. Secondly, I’m a big fan of chocolate – also the only one in the family who loves eating chocolate. So hell yeah, it’s a big deal for me! I wanted to try it since few years ago. So the moment when my fiancé said he wanted to take me to Dip n Dip, I was extremely excited. No kidding.

It was weekday and we drove from Ampang to Bangsar regardless of traffic jams. As soon as we arrived at the chocolate fondue house, I became even more excited on the inside but pretended cool on the outside. I mean, come on, my fiancé was there so gotta keep it cool, guys. I had Crunchy Triple Chocolate Crepe while my fiancé was having Fettuccine Crepe. Because I was so excited to taste it for the first time, I forgot to take – Instagram approved – pictures of my dessert but, on the other hand, managed to take my fiancé’s dessert. God, it was a dream came true!

Just look at it. So, beautiful. Delicious. God. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the crepes. If only we didn’t have Burger King earlier, I’m sure we could finish the whole plates. So we took home some of it.

At the end of the day, I’m happy I could tick off Dip n Dip from my wishlist.
I wonder where will my fiancé take me to next?

Gotta give him a hint.