Another Bridal Shower

After one successful surprise bridal shower, comes another one which turned out to be an even bigger surprise for me! Last time, I didn’t expect my friends would throw me a bridal shower. This time, other friends of mine decided to conspire with my sister to surprise me.

It was a few days ago that Mariam asked me if I was available on Saturday morning for dim sum time. A good timing it was, I had just received a confirmation that our company will be off on Saturday so I instantly said yes. I didn’t smell anything fishy that day. Although when I think about it now no wonder my sister insisted on asking if last Saturday was a public holiday. She could be a good actor, you know.

So, fast forward to a beautiful Saturday morning, I woke up feeling a bit unwell because I head a severe stomachache the night before. But I guess Allah was just testing me because He wanted to give me a surprise. I showered and was ready earlier than I expected. Then my sister and I drove to Alamesra to drop a friend’s car. Mariam texted me to reschedule the time to 9.30 am, so we waited there.

We arrived at Promenade Hotel at around 9.55 am. Upon entering the Dynasty Restaurant, I saw Eyda walking towards the main entrance of the restaurant and then stopped after she saw me walking from the second entrance. She took my hand and brought me to where Mariam and Mira were sitting. I was smiling and waving at them while walking towards the table. I was so blind I didn’t see the table was already beautifully decorated with flowers, biscuits, cupcakes, pearls and a ‘Bride To Be’ sash until I was few steps away.

It was so beautiful. Everything was in pastel except our dresses and I was in awe the whole time! Even while eating the dim sum, I still couldn’t believe that they were throwing me a bridal shower. And my sister knew about it too! You have to see her acting skill. I thought  how on earth did she manage to keep her mouth shut this whole time. She pretended to be excited to eat dim sum and I actually bought it.

I really had a good time. It was nice to free my mind from thinking about the wedding preparations and just chatting about high school and the stupid things we did back in those days. We chatted for hours until it was nearly noon. Then we said goodbye to each other and took off soon after.

Honestly, the two bridal showers were the sweetest thing someone had done for me! I really didn’t expect anyone to throw me such big surprises. So, again, thank you for making me the happiest bride-to-be guys! I couldn’t repay you except asking Allah to reward and bless you with even greater happiness and blessings. Allahumma amen.

I love you all so much.
May Allah protect you always.