Wedding Season

You know it’s wedding season when your inbox is filling up with invites! Two of my friends, Mariam and Kak Niza, had their solemnisation on February and April. While Mariam just had her second reception a few days ago, Kak Niza’s reception will be held end of next month. Insha’Allah.

I met Mariam during my first year in Brisbane. We bumped into each other at a mall and since then have been in touch with each other until we’re back for good in Malaysia. For Mariam’s solemnisation and first reception, my brother and I travelled from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. It was a beautiful wedding and Mariam’s family are the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Masya’Allah. From our arrival to our return, everything was very well organised. We were well taken care of.

While fulfilling my duty as a bridesmaid, I had a chance to meet our old school friends – my seniors at school. We had fun catching up. The last day was also fun because we were able to hang out at Mariam’s cousin cafe. The food was awesome! I really had a great time there. When it was almost evening, we went for a massage. I was so grateful for that because I was really looking forward to it. We flew back to Kota Kinabalu that night. It was tiring yet enjoyable!

Last Sunday was her second reception and she looked so beautiful in her white gown. This time I had a chance to attend the wedding with my parents and sister. The wedding set up was fantastic, breathtaking indeed! I just love seeing everything in white. Hopefully, my wedding will look as beautiful as hers.

Kak Niza and I have known each other through a mutual friend. Three weeks after my arrival in Brisbane, I managed to find a Malaysian student studying in UQ. She introduced me to Kak Ina and then Kak Ina introduced me to Kak Niza. Our undergrad stories were pretty much the same! She did her undergraduate studies in Sydney few years ago. Just like me, she were there alone and by herself. There were no Malaysians at her university. She was in Sydney for four years. While telling me her story, I was at the earliest day of orientation. It motivated me because I thought if she could survive four years in Sydney with no Malaysians at her uni, then so can I. So somehow we were bonded by the same fate. Since then, we did almost everything together for three years before I went back for good. It was hard saying goodbye to her because she’s my best friend and sister. I never had a friendship like I have with her before. We went to usrah together, Friday night class together, hang out at Starbucks together, almost everything together! Thank God we didn’t share the same partner together haha. I could write a very long post just to tell you how a wonderful friend she is!

Kak Niza became a wife to a very nice man in April. She looked the happiest in her white dress and I couldn’t be happier for her. I had some tears falling down my cheeks during her solemnisation. We had multiple conversations about this day when we were students. How she wanted it to be simple but memorable. Allah is indeed the best of planners. I think one of the things that make me excited to move to Kuala Lumpur is to see her again and attending Islamic lectures again just like we did back in Australia. Insha’Allah.

Congratulations again to both Mariam and Kak Niza on their big day! May Allah bless their marriages and grant them pious children. Allahumma Amin.

Lastly, please make cute babies.