Spring Cleaning

Last three days ago, I had some free time to do spring cleaning in my room and our mini library at home. It took me almost two days and a half to get everything done. I’ve been wanting to clean these areas for quite awhile so to have a chance cleaning it was satisfying and therapeutic! While doing the chores, I found many memorable things that reminded me of my childhood. Lin, my mum’s staff, came to help. So I had a chance to tell her stories that were significant to the things we found while digging the cabinet. She was listening the whole time and at times found herself entertained by my stories.

One of the things I found was a stack of papers written in Arabic. It’s been 9 years since I left high school and I almost forgot that I studied Arabic Language then. The stack of papers were actually notes that I kept in hope that in ten years time I could refresh back what I learned in high school. Lin was surprised too! Mostly about how I could read the letters without harakah. I was smiling but little she knows that it was a struggle for me too back then! Another thing I found was a sketching book where I drew some funny stuff in it. I bet I was all proud when I drew it in high school but looking at it after nine years I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. Lin insisted that I keep the book but I just couldn’t bare the goosebumps so I threw it away.

Of all the things we found, one particular thing really stood up above all. It was my ex-boyfriend’s pictures! I was laughing real hard when I saw it because I thought why on earth did I keep his pictures all these years. I was just 13 year old when we became a (long distance) couple. Lol. After that I threw away the pictures leaving no trace at all.

Then there were also books that I’ve been keeping since primary school. They were sort of my poetry books. I wrote some lyrics and funny stuff in it. I remember a teacher snatched the book from me and then told me to sing in front of her. And so I did - proudly. Now thinking about it makes me feel so embarrassed.

Where did I get that self-confidence from?!