New Home

Welcome to my new blog!

After a decade of being a blogger, I’ve finally decided to make major changes to the site and this time it’s for good. Meaning no more jumping back to the old theme!

This new site features a new theme and name. As age increases, it’s important for me to grow and add more element of maturity to it. I’ve been writing on Katahatieka since high school, the sweet-pinkish theme has always been its personality since then. To make big changes like this on it would definitely affect the readers. For the new site, I chose to go modern so that it doesn’t bore my reader. Plus, it’s in line with the times!

The decision to rebrand the name was done out of a few reasons. Where Katahatieka were famous and well known for its teenage writing style, this site shows an evolvement of it. I wanted to create something new that reflects my image as a woman now. I tried to change my style of writing on Katahatieka many times but always ended up hesitating to post it. It didn’t feel right in some ways. So instead of changing the whole site on Katahatieka, I decided to keep it just the way it is and move in to a new site. In here, you’ll find me blogging about lifestyle, fashion, valuable tips, and also sharing recipes! You can say I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone - becoming more open and honest in my writing this time.

I think, as a teenager then, I was more rigid and in control. There were limits to what I chose to post and sometimes I wasn’t being completely honest with my stories. So, I’d like to make a fresh start and write something more genuine in the future.