All White

I love staying home during my day off from work. Since I just cleaned up my room recently, it feels even more comfortable staying in. A few months ago, we bought a new bed for my room and the colour really suits the theme which is white. It’s definitely a soothing, pure and calming colour! Since the bed is a double bed and my room is small, I had to take some of the furniture out to make space for me to pray. Overall, I’m very happy with the way my room looks now. Better than it was months ago!

Honestly, among the three of us, I have the most crowded room. I swear I have a lot of stuff in my room. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you will know by now that I also have an Instagram account which I specifically created for me to sell my unused stuff. That’s how desperate I am with space. Lol. But no matter how much stuff I managed to sell, I always seem to add two times more into my room. Sigh.

Speaking of white colour, the only thing in my room that is in a different colour is the wall but I’m not thinking of changing it anytime soon. Maybe someday, insha’Allah, we’ll see about that.

God, one of my dreams is to have a house of my own where everything in it is painted and designed exclusively in white. I’m still working on achieving it. Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve it before turning 30! Insha’Allah. I love doing house chores and decorating the house whenever I have free time. At times it bothers me why I didn’t take interior design during my undergrad studies. But I guess if I didn’t take Psychology, I wouldn’t be given a chance to further my studies abroad. So, fair enough.